Innovación: eBay app update brings more personalized shopping experience


With Black Friday almost upon us, not to mention the upcoming Christmas shopping season, those who prefer to not wade in with the crowd at malls have the option of doing online shopping, which is a big relief for most of us probably. And all these online retailers are bracing themselves for the massive amount of traffic they’ll be getting this season. One such app and service is eBay and they have just announced a new look and a more personal shopping experience for the users of the app.

The new browsing experience will make it easier for you to find deals and items that you’re actually interested in or you’re looking for. For example, when you click categories, it will bring you to the browse pages where you’ll find “relevant and engaging content” based on your preferences. The categories also display the products that are their best-sellers, but you can also browse it by latest products uploaded and also get to take a look at the older and probably more cheaper versions of the product.


More importantly, when you reopen the eBay app, it will show you where you left off and then also give you various options for similar ones or products that were bought by people who bought similar things to your last purchase. Basically, whatever you were looking at, you’ll get products in the similar vein, which is sometimes helpful but can also be creepy.


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The updated app also lets you see the user reviews on the products you’re thinking of buying. It also brings new authentication and security features so you can browse and buy without worrying about those things. You can update the eBay app now or download it if you don’t have it yet and plan to do a lot of online shopping this season.


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