Innovación: Clorox 360-video use incorporates innovative Donate Now button

The Clorox Company is leveraging 360-video as an immersive tactic to instill the importance of its Safe Water Project, airing on Huffington Post’s digital channels to appeal to a receptive audience.

Clorox is hoping to make an impact on viewers regarding the dangerousness of unsafe drinking water, which can be combatted by using a small amount of bleach. After helping a small village in Peru, the 360-video takes a look back at how the program helped and listens to a testimonial from a village resident.


«The unique nature of 360-degree video lends itself to a more emotional and powerful experience than traditional video, since viewers can really step inside the content and see the entire landscape,» said Molly Swenson, chief marketing officer of HuffPo RYOT. «In this video, viewers are transported to rural Peru, where they can observe how clean water is making a real difference for these communities.

«An immersive format enables viewers to experience Clorox’s Safe Water initiative as if they were there in person, and that connection can make all the difference when inspiring viewers to take action and support a worthy cause,» she said.

360-degree campaign

Huffington Post readers on mobile will be able to view a complete view of its two-minute documentary’s setting by moving their devices around the space. Users simply move their devices towards the area they want to look at to be able to see more.

Created by AOL’s studio, Ryot, the video interviews a Peruvian village member who was dramatically impacted by Clorox’s program. She stands in the middle of her village, which viewers can explore by looking around, while explaining how the village was unaware of how unsafe their drinking water was.

Clorox stepped in and showed Peruvians how their water can be purified by using bleach dispensers. The villagers get their water from various sources such as the nearby river and canal, all of which are not safe for consumption.

Unknown to the villagers, germs in the water were making them, especially their children, sick. Now the woman and other villagers help spread the word to others about the dangers of using non-purified water and how to use bleach to make it safe.

Aptly named Purely Peru, the video hopes to leave a lasting impression by using the 360-video feature. Viewers can also seamlessly donate through an in-application button for those watching in Huffington Post’s app.

Users can watch in the app, on YouTube and on Huffington Post’s desktop platform. Huffington Post shares similar stories on its platforms, which makes its audience a receptive group for Clorox’s campaign to make a lasting impression.

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