Innovación: Carrefour going online in Poland


Carrefour has around 800 hypermarkets, supermarkets and local stores in Poland and launched an online store in Poland last year. But this ecommerce website but it was only for non-food products. If we would believe the rumours, it’s about to change. Carrefour is set to sell groceries online in Poland. There are several big companies in the online grocery industry in Poland. There’s, Tesco, Piotr i Paweł and Auchan (Direct). At the end of previous year, Carrefour opened its online shop in Poland: But Michał Aleksiewicz, who works in the Polish ecommerce industry, told that nothing really happened with its front page. We can expect some big progress in 2017. In December 2015, the online store of Carrefour Poland featured 600 products, now it has grown to over 4,500 products.

The first step is noticeable. Carrefour announced there are extra 18 stores where click & collect is now possible, making the gross number of Carrefour hypermarkets that cover click & collect reach 57 in Poland. But now there are also rumors the French ecommerce player will start selling groceries online. According to Aleksiewicz, this move could mean a lot for the online FMCG market in Poland. The industry covers 6.9 percent of the market in the UK or 5.3 percent in France, online FMCG just accounts for 0.7 percent in Poland. A project analysis by Gemius shows that 52 percent of online customers in Poland expect lower prices when buying online. According to him online grocery retailers offer the same or even higher prices. Take for example, which is rather more expensive than Tesco and Auchan. So if the price is a main factor, shouldn’t grocery retailers offer lower prices online to convince customers to buy there? As a better option, they also can propose loyalties programs for the clients, as Tesco does with its club card.


Aleksiewicz points out that online groceries in Poland are limited only to bigger cities. He added that this market won’t grow without investments in this area and he would love to see the click & collect option in every supermarket in Poland.


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