Innovación: Bentley drivers no longer need to stop for gas


British automaker Bentley Motors is making headway within luxury automotive lifestyles through an on-demand gas delivery service.

While other luxury vehicle manufacturers are focusing on being the leader in technology, competing for autonomous capability, Bentley is focusing on making everyday tasks for the consumer more upscale. Bentley owners can now enroll in a program with gas delivery service Filld, operated through a mobile application that automatically delivers gas when needed.


“Bentley ownership is about more than just the vehicle – it’s the entire luxury experience,” said Christophe Georges, director of product and marketing at Bentley. “We are continuously investigating ways in which to offer our customers bespoke, unobtrusive, concierge-style services that afford them the greatest luxury of all: more time. Our Connected Car strategy will continue to expand and innovate in order to further enhance the Bentley lifestyle.”


Driving innovation

Bentley drivers will now receive gas on-demand whenever their tank gets below a quarter tank, wherever their vehicles are located. A sensor will automatically send a request to Filld that puts the individual in the delivery queue.

A driver provided by Filld will deliver the gas to the vehicle, whether that means at an office, at home or wherever a Bentley owner happens to be. Each driver has a commercial license and is equipped with a DOT-certified truck to ensure the delivery service is safe.

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Users will not be gauged with high prices, but instead will be charged price per gallon based on local costs with only $3 delivery fee. While Filld existed before the launch of this partnership, users did receive automatic gas delivery.

This July marked the first time Filld was able to deliver gas automatically through its partnership with Bentley. The first automatic delivery was made to a Bentley 2016 Flying Spur. Software and hardware are use within Bentley vehicles and the mobile app to determine when the vehicle is in need of a gas delivery. Owners do not need to be near their vehicles at the time of delivery, as Filld operators will have the ability to open the gas tank and fill it up on the spot. However, users will be able to track their delivery service through the app to see when the arrival time will be and when it is completed. The Filld service is available to drivers from San Francisco to San Jose, CA. Users can access the app without a Bentley vehicle to receive gas deliveries, but will not receive automatic fill ups.

Bentley innovation

Bentley values its relationship with partners and innovators within the mobile space, as this is where the industry is leaning to. The automaker dialed up the “sound and vision” with its latest collaborative smartphone with Vertu.

The newest Signature Touch by Vertu was the third smartphone resulting from the partnership between the mobile phone manufacturer and the automaker. As a physical link between Bentley and Vertu’s innovations in their respective sectors, the latest smartphone headed the partnership’s new design and technological direction.

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