Innovación: Alibaba reveal VR Pay technology allowing shoppers to pay with a nod


ibaba has revealed new technology allowing users to pay for goods within a virtual reality shop simply by nodding their heads.

VR Pay is the latest technological innovation from the Chinese ecommerce giant aimed at streamlining their online shopping process, and is slated for release by the end of the year.


Shoppers can browse a virtual shopping mall using their VR headset and make purchases without having to remove their goggles.

After picking an item by nodding at it, the user’s identity will be verified using voice print technology, which recognises every user’s voice, or through account logins on connected devices like smartphones.

Passwords will still be necessary but they can now be entered within the virtual reality using the device’s controllers or by staring at points for 1.5 seconds.

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“It is very boring to have to take off your goggles for payment. With this, you will never need to take out your phone,” said Ant Financial’s F Lab’s Lin Feng, who has been developing the payment service.

This follows nearly a year after Alibaba launched “pay with a selfie” technology, which allowed users to verify payments using facial recognition on their mobile phones.


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