How Papa Murphy’s powers mobile-optimized email offers with precision marketing


Papa Murphy’s is leveraging a precision marketing platform to tap into point-of-sale data stemming from customers’ recent transactions as it ramps up to drive foot traffic and sales via customized mobile-optimized incentives and offers.

The pizza chain is using marketing software platform Bridg’s precision marketing tools to better understand consumers’ buying habits and facilitate more tailored communications with guests through email and mobile. Since Papa Murphy’s does not offer delivery services, it turns to point-of-sale data to glean individuals’ personal information and send customized follow-up offers for future visits.


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“What we’re interested in doing is understanding what’s important to you as a customer, what your behavior is over time, and how I can encourage you to come more often and buy more things by looking at your previous behavior and offering you specific incentives,” said Jayson Tipp, chief development officer and senior vice president of technology at Papa Murphy’s.

Heating up precision marketing

Papa Murphy’s is currently working with Bridg to extend customer relationships beyond the bricks-and-mortar store and reach on-the-go individuals on a multitude of devices. Bridg enables companies to unlock data from their online ordering platforms, loyalty programs and point-of-sale systems.

This lets brands effectively segment customers and tap into certain behaviors, such as visit frequency and spend per visit.

Since Papa Murphy’s does not offer delivery, the brand has less personal information on its customers. Other pizza chains with loyalty programs, such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut, have an easier time getting consumers to self-identify and release personal details.

Generally, if a quick service restaurant chain does not have a rewards program, customers cannot identify themselves as easily.

However, by using Bridg’s platform, Papa Murphy’s is able to pull transaction data from the point-of-sale system to look at purchase patterns. Bridg can match that information back to individuals’ email addresses and phone numbers, which allows Papa Murphy’s to contact those people with customized offers.

“That’s really valuable consumer data,” Mr. Tipp said. “Now I can get smarter in the way I send an email communication out, based on your prior purchase history.”

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By understanding customers’ path to purchase, restaurant marketers can adjust their marketing initiatives accordingly to drive frequency, incentivize lapsed customers and retain current fans.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily


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