Very sees 18x ROI with multichannel mobile campaign


British retailer Very saw mobile sales grow 51 percent through a multifaceted campaign that leveraged rich media, SMS, geo-location and weather data.

During the holiday season, Shop Direct’s Very took to various platforms on mobile such as Google, Spotify and Shazam with rich media ads that tapped the top trends in fashion, hyper-localized weather data and up-to-date offers. The campaign derived a total of 63 percent of online holiday sales through a mobile device.


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«The campaign was special as it took an overarching advertising idea from for their Christmas campaign and brought it to life on mobile through multiple formats including rich media, video, TV amplification and geo-location base display,” said Chris Sheldon, senior account manager at Somo.

Shop Direct partnered with Medialets and Somo for this campaign.

Shopping direct on mobile

Very was able to see significant ROI on mobile through a campaign that appealed to users with contextual data and content that was relevant to them at the right time. For instance, display ads shared real-time offers of free next-day shipping that allowed users to click and act on the special.

The campaign saw 18 times return on media spend, which was double the target goal set for the advertising launch. Very also saw a 32 percent year-over-year growth for the holiday season on mobile.

Display ads on mobile platforms for Google, Shazam and Spotify showed ads that tapped into the weather of the users’ specific area to serve relevant calls-to-action that enticed users to immediately click and purchase products.

The advertisements ranged in sized from footers and headers to full-paged ads. The interface of the ad as well as the content was created based on user behavior relative to each platform, time of day, weather and location.

Data and click-through attribution were tracked throughout the campaign to better determine what was working and to fine-tune current and future endeavors. The continual adaption and targeting of the campaign can be significant driver in positive results.

Source: Mobile Marketer

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