Survey: Big disconnect between retailers, consumers in play



The physical retail store experience rates tops in terms of retailer focus but personalizing the experience is not getting as much attention. In fact, just 23 percent of retail decision makers are planning personalization initiatives in the next year and a half, according to a new TimeTrade white paper, which surveyed 100 C-level retail executives on personalization and how it comes across in their brand’s customer experience.

The survey reveals 8 percent won’t undertake any personalization strategy, and that in terms of organizational improvement the task of store associate training is a popular priority, with 83 percent planning training.


Social media, web and call centers all follow behind the physical store environment when it comes to boosting experiences for consumers.

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«While todays retailers seem to recognize the importance of delivering a personalized cross-channel experience, it’s clear that their approach is not resonating with shoppers or meeting their growing expectations,» said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of TimeTrade. «Shoppers are more demanding than ever before. To remain successful in this environment, brands must work to better understand consumer demands and reexamine and evolve their approach to ensure that service is prompt, personalized and consistent across channels.»

TimeTrade, in an announcement, stated the results reveals a disconnect in play with retailers striving harder to deliver a personal experience but consumers viewing the shopping experience as one being inconsistent and impersonal.

«These studies highlight a major perception disconnect between retailers and consumers, as well as a significant divide between consumers’ desires and retailers’ focus. Retailers are missing a valuable opportunity to address consumer concerns and deliver a «concierge» style experience that meets their demands for fast, personalized service,» the white paper stated.

Source: Retail Customer Experience

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