Study: Chile’s Advanced Mobile Market Turns to 4G LTE


The future’s bright for 4G LTE in Chile, according to an August 2016 report from Counterpoint: By 2020, 4G LTE will make up over 60% of all mobile connections in the country, and total nearly 15 million connections.

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While 4G LTE makes up only 13% of total mobile connections in Chile this year, there are still 3.1 million connections, a significant number. For reference, a Pyramid Research report places neighboring Argentina’s 4G LTE connection rate, even by 2019, at about 16% of all connections, highlighting Chile’s technological advances. Steady growth is predicted for Chile’s 4G LTE market: Each year, the 4G LTE share of the mobile market will increase between 10 and 15 points.

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And just as 4G LTE connections will grow in years to come, so too will smartphone connections in general. Counterpoint estimates that 70% of Chile’s population owns a smartphone this year—by next year that figure will reach nearly 75%. By 2020, almost 80% of the total population will own a smartphone. The general snapshot remains similar to what eMarketer described in our July 2016 report: While Chile’s market may not be gigantic, it’s robust in connections and advanced in technology. A 2016 Internet Media Services (IMS) and comScore report noted that the 27% of smartphone owners who connect to the internet via 4G is above Latin America’s average.

Source: eMarketer



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