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Manhattan Associates announced that PetSmart has selected its Enterprise Order Management Solution (OMS) to help PetSmart deliver omni-channel shopping and engagement with PetSmart’s websites, according to an articlepublished on Yahoo! Finance. This selection is part of a large strategic initiative by PetSmart to significantly enhance its omni and digital capabilities. The technology will be implemented later this year.

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«Digitalization of core processes has become a must-have for every retailer and PetSmart’s aggressive shift has been underscored by the selection of Manhattan’s OMS product,» said Manhattan Associates Senior Vice President of Business Development Jeff Cashman. «We’re looking forward to helping PetSmart achieve its omni-channel goals in order to continue to be the go-to brand for pet owners.»

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«Our pet parents are passionate about the well-being of their pets and we want to be the trusted partner to pet parents everywhere by offering a range of ways to shop and engage with us how, when and where they wish – online, via phone, mobile and brick-and-mortar,» said Daphne Smith, PetSmart’s senior VP, digital.  «As we deliver on our omni strategy, our product fulfillment capabilities are crucial, and Manhattan’s OMS is helping us with enhanced visibility of our product inventory so that we can deliver our product shipments most efficiently and effectively to our customers.»

Source: Retail Customer Experience

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