Hershey’s is doubling down on social media for Summer Olympics


Hershey’s is bringing at-home viewers in on the action surrounding the Olympics by partnering with athletes for separate social media pushes designed to fit the images of its flagship product and the Reese’s brand.

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The iconic Hershey’s chocolate bar brand typically opts for more heartfelt messaging to appeal to a wide range of consumers, but for its Reese’s brand, campaigns typically run on the comedic side. This is showcased with their respective social media campaigns that feature athletes at this year’s Olympics in Brazil that feature videos paired with fan interactions through hashtags.

«In comparing the contrast on these campaign tactics, both campaigns are designed to engage consumers with the brand in an emotional way, in that way the goals are the same,» said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. «However, there is a difference in the approach to get that emotional tie.

«Hershey’s chocolate bars are designed to bring out the emotional bond through the trials and efforts of RIO summer olympians, tear jerker engagements- expanding on the HELLO HAPPY campaign to add HELLO FROM HOME to the olympic experience,» she said. «Reese’s is all about FUN tying WINTER olympians to the summer games showing that the winter olympians can relate a bit and have FUN this summer because its not WINTER olympics.»

Vonn’s video

Reese’s is focusing on the athletes who are not competing but are attending this year’s Summer Olympics in Brazil. The chocolate peanut butter brand is sharing videos of Winter Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn while she focuses on having fun at the Olympics.

The videos show Ms. Vonn attempting various summer events that will be featured in Brazil this in a comedic way. The video captures her funny and borderline goofy personality while she completes stunts such as ribbon twirling, pole vaulting, archery, equestrian riding and fencing, in a comedic way.

Users on social media will be able to view the video while also interacting with the campaign. Fans can follow along with Ms. Vonn’s Olympic coverage on Reese’s social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

For instance, she will be sharing news of athletic commentary on trending topics and share polls that users can respond to through the hashtag #LikeAWinterOlympian.

Hershey’s namesake brand is taking the same approach, but with a different connotation. The brand is sharing videos of athletes getting special messages from home while they are training at the Olympics

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Each athlete receives a Hershey’s branded keepsake box that shows letters from friends and family, along with Hershey’s chocolate bars. A mobilized platform and the hashtag #hellofromhome will allow fans to send their own messages to athletes, that may be sent to the respective athletes and featured in future videos.

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