Canada: PINKO Opens in Montreal


INKO sets foot in Canada and this is done right here in Montreal, more precisely inside the Cours Mont-Royal. Located on the 3rd floor, right next to DKNY, expanded over almost 2200sqft. 

We can find the essentials of the Italian brand in a very open space, all with a minimalist decor with a few pops of bright colors, such as the pink sofas in the middle of the boutique. As much as the brand is capable of making eccentric pieces with a mix of matters, sometimes even furs, it’s also capable of making lovely sombre and classic pieces. 


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PINKO brings a little kick to every Montreal woman’s wardrobe, that they need. All the while adapting itself to each of their looks. 

The arrival of PINKO kind of marks the renew of the Cours Mont-Royal. Right after the major renovations made by Harry Rosen, I feel that the future promises some very nice things! The Cours Mont-Royal are actually known to have hosted other Canadian exclusives in the past, before the brands opened in other retail locations. We can notably think of DKNY, Desigual and Maladetti Toscani.

Source: Montreal-Weekly


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