Canada: Home-based Labrador soap company looking to start online shop


Spruced Up Labrador Bath & Body soap and skin-care products have a following but can’t be found in any brick and mortar stores.

The only shelves they sit on are the ones in the business owners’ Happy Valley-Goose Bay home.


Customers wanting to buy the products have to wait for a craft sale, or arrange delivery or pickup through the company’s social media channels.

But in 2017, owners Heather Bursey and her husband plan to upgrade Spruced Up’s ordering system with an online store.

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«Now it’s kind of where can I go to meet the demand because the demand is there,» Bursey told CBC’s Labrador Morning.

«With the e-commerce store it’ll kind of take the pressure off me for the orders and stuff. I’ll see the order, I’ll put it together.»

Bursey is now in the process of building up stock. Some of her products take a month to create, and stocking up is a challenge, because at events and craft fairs she sells out completely.

«It’s just me making it so I’m limited in how much I can produce. And working full time and having a family, there’s only so much I can do.»

Logistics of Labrador

With the KitchenAid in her basement workshop, Bursey sometimes blends local ingredients like bakeapples, rosehips and redberries, or lingonberries, into her products.

She’s shipped packages to the north and south coast of Labrador, to Newfoundland — and other parts of Canada.

«Most of my customers live here or they have been people that have spent time here, so it’s kind of like a piece of Labrador that’s sent to them,» she said.

Materials that don’t grow near her home are sourced from other areas of the world.

That’s the challenging part of basing a business in the Lake Melville area, Bursey said.

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«There is a local wholesaler that’s really helpful to get in as much as they possibly can,» she said.

Exotic butters, fragrances and essential oils are some of the more complicated ingredients to acquire.

«If I didn’t look outside I’d be looking at a very expensive and possibly impossible product.»

Bursey said she’s made hundreds of pounds of soap to date and, once her online store goes live, she plans to offer «something like free delivery or free pickup and just shipping charges outside.»

She expects the online store to open in March.



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